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Overall, these features should have in themselves an entrepreneur. Imagine if they do not persist in trying. Probably they are not has a successful entrepreneur in the business world. The business is very challenging because of the need to persist in managing the business and make the business known to the public. Furthermore, they must ensure that the business is can run for last longer. Besides generating revenue many times over, they also serve the community by creating programs that are beneficial to humans. They not only prolong life but also to bridge the business relationship with the community.

Bryan Loo is one of the youngest successful entrepreneurs in Malaysia. He brought Chatime to Malaysia from Taiwan. He never gave up so easily. He is very hardworking and determined person. Because of the high vision in himself, he becomes the successful entrepreneur now. Not all human have vision in life and the vision is one of the ways so that he can know the path of his life for the future.

Then, he is very open risk taker with his competitor. Its means they apply healthy competition which helps each other and this features should have in every human that want to become as an entrepreneur. Team oriented also important in the company to make sure the sustainability of the organisation. We work as a team need to help each others to get the good progress of work.

Bryan Loo is not an easily gave up person. To be a successful entrepreneur we should not easily gave up and be rational in doing decision. Like Bryan Loo, he is not easily give up to success in his business. To be an entrepreneur, we should make Bryan Loo as our idol. Successful entrepreneurs are not going to give even had failed many times in life. With the failure, they rise up to pursue dreams and hopes come true. Not everyone can be an entrepreneur but an entrepreneur is among us.

E) Open Risk Taker

In Bryan Loo case, he also have his owns entrepreneurial life like other entrepreneur.  Bryan Loo is one entrepreneur who is as open risk taker. When he makes the decision to leave his paid job and decides to search for a business in a bubble tea franchise in Taiwan that can be brought back to Malaysia. Bryan Loo had listed the top brands and chooses the best top 5 brands. But unfortunately, he was failed and was rejected by many top brands and not interest to expand in Malaysia. It changes after his cousin introduces him about Chatime. Because of his intensity, Bryan Loo opens his first Chatime outlets in Pavilion. After that, he took around 6 months to open the second outlets. Consequence of that, Bryan Loo has become the Best Master Franchise in 2012.

In addition, before he become successful entrepreneur, having an early start love life with partner are not bad things to do in life. For him, married in young age are not burden to him because after that he can give more focus in his carrier. He is very open said that he never have to worry find future wife and can go out with no worried because he see that nowadays man are too focus on their works until does not have any times to find love. His wife, Sally Quah is one of the Financial Controller of Chatime Malaysia.

Then, as an open risk taker he never treats his competitors badly but he treats them with helps each other because he want a healthy competition with them. Without it, maybe he will be never becomes a successful as well as now. They try to extend their competency by introducing Chatime Card and collaborating with Horlicks.

D) Team Oriented

If I see this word, the first thing that comes to my mind is leader. Why the word leader? Because every leader exists because of the member and a good leader always take his members opinion in his decision making. In another definition, this word means everyone has a contributing factor in the operations and decisions that concern the business or venture of the team. 

As for Bryan Loo, he practices this word diligently. Due to this action, his current team comprises 60 back office staff and 850 front liners, with the average age of 25 years for the back office team and 23 for the front liners.

With such attitude that take his team opinions into his decision, Bryan Loo have grown to be the one of young successful entrepreneur in Malaysia, showing to the world how a 27 year old man makes his path to a great future in business. He has shown that by applying this word, one can become a great leader in leading his business.   

He also admits in facing challenges in managing a young workforce, he points out that the biggest issue faced is manpower turnover, but he is grateful that eventually, the turnover has been kept to a minimal level.

Loo said that as an entrepreneur, the importance for them is become to the builder for the country and make difference for our nation. Its means that the team oriented that he shows that working under employment is important because they assets for the company. Then, he also works for the society and community. He add that he more focus to find local employment and reduces the foreign employment because it easy for him for communication.

In an interview, Bryan Loo has been asked is he more worried about doing things right or doing the right things? His answer is impressive as he shows that he is a team-oriented leader. His answer is doing the right things. He emphasizes that he always shares with his team that we have to constantly identify the right seat and get the right people to do the right things. This is important because at our stage, we hire people who are smarter than us, who are completely the right fit for the role and who are able to eventually perform much quicker than us.

C) Failure is an Option

Here, Bryan Loo is the founder of Chatime Malaysia and he already faced his failure and the hardest time in order to become a successful entrepreneur. Bryan Loo is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Malaysia. Bryan Loo already started his first business when he is at age 7 by selling comics which is he wrote by himself because Bryan Loo has talent in drawing. But, he had to stop his first business because his parents blocked him from selling his comics. His parents afraid of he cannot focused on his study and they said that they can afford him so that he do not have to bother himself to find his own pocket money. His parents owned an air-conditioned shop.

After Bryan Loo finished his study, he has decides to start a business to find his own pocket money. From there he starts to search for a tea franchise in Taiwan that can be brought back to Malaysia to commercial it. For him, Taiwan is the capital of milk tea. The island has over 10,000 milk tea outlets with 180 different brands of milk tea. Bryan had listed the top brands and chooses the best top 5 brands, but, unfortunately, his proposal was rejected as all the brands did not have an interest in expanding in Malaysia.

With full of disappointment in his soul, he returns back to Malaysia and he meets with one his Taiwanese friend that live in Malaysia which introduce him to Chatime. From that moment, he saw the opportunity as the company was trying to expand their business. He had never approached the brand yet and feeling motivated, he decides to contact the CEO of the Chatime. His proposal was accepted and two months after that, Bryan open his first Chatime outlets in Pavilion. 

In just in a blink of an eye, this Chatime business becomes a hit and it took him 6 months to learn about the business world in order to open the second outlets because he needs to learn so many new things. But at the same time, he had also sends a total of 90 proposals to listing departments all over Malaysia and almost all comes back with positive feedback. This seems to him as a very good and worth business. From here, his business is going so well and he had opened so many branches in all over Malaysia. Until now, we can still can see that how is his business going so well. 

B) Open Culture

Open culture is the concept of open-minded, is someone willing to accept to learn new thing and not easily give up. Someone with this attitude can also predict the future and accept all the changes that will happen in the organisation and it grows without bound by rules relating to the legal protection of intellectual property.

Bryan Loo has this personal skill which is open culture. It can be see when he loves in business very mush. He don’t love his work before because he not like wake up early in the morning and go to work and he do it every days except for weekend. In addition, he shaped the better organisational culture which is not depends on the profits itself, but he also make his workers works to achieve the objectives which is works with a brands prides. So, they have absolutes ownership and part the journey of the brands.

Bryan Loo sees that there is the opportunity in Malaysia to implement the business based on Taiwan lifestyle which is based on the tea brand. Loo knows that all Malaysian people love drinking tea culture very much and there is no branch based on tea that timed. Not only that, Loo also introduced e-payment solution terminals where can increase the foot traffic in Chatime outlets. In interesting, Bryan Loo also make the collaboration with Haig Club TM. 

He is as the key opinion leader to represent the industry that speaks in a certain way, to represent the branding of Haig Club TM and to carry the positioning. 
Besides, Bryan Loo also had introduced the Chatime Galleria which is more to the social community around his outlet and it provides the bookshop for free to get the new talent and market place for the new things. Chatime Galleria will be increase the quality of the people when Loo places his effort to design the Chatime Galleria to bring it to the next level. 

A) Visionary

One of the characteristics that led to Bryan Loo successful as an entrepreneur now is because he has a clear view forward. He had a vision of high self-esteem to become an entrepreneur. He knows the direction of his life for the future since childhood. It is becoming a catalyst for Bryan Loo to continue to move forward without a look back, although there are many obstacles to be faced in the future. This can be proved when during a child, he was exposed to the business world when his parents run the air-conditioning business in Perlis. Not only that, Bryan Loo made a comic book and rent to his friends only RM0.50. Interest of Bryan Loo and able to see the business can ensure its future means that he has a high attitude of vision.
After quitting his job as a salesman in biotech companies, he has a vision of where he wanted to enter the business of food and beverage industry. Because of this vision, he identified the product to be sold, and finally he had found a suitable product to enter the Malaysian market of tea-based beverages. Based on this vision, he identified that has bubbles tea drinks not been commercialized other than coffee in Malaysia and has no branch is where the majority of Malaysians are very interested in drink tea. Based on his observations, can create branches Chatime Malaysia.

Bryan Loo in an interview with the Star Online said that as a young entrepreneur, they should have a dream and direction for the future. They must have a clear view of what they want to do in life because of this vision and hope they can get the impetus to continue to move forward even if there are many obstacles to be faced. In addition, he also stressed that the area of interest can give themselves daring spirit to uphold the dream although despite opposition from various quarters.

TASK 1 (b)

TASK 1(b): one successful entrepreneur and then, explain how he or she demonstrates ANY FIVE (5) entrepreneurial traits that highlighted in the QUESTION (A) and how this assists them to be successful in their venture.

Bryan Loo, CEO of Chatime Malaysia

Whoever does not recognize and feel the famous bubble tea drinks namely Chatime? Very refreshing drinks and enjoyed by Malaysians in this century. Because of Chatime in Malaysia which is one of the famous drinks outside the country led to the outbreak of other ideas to create various types of beverages in Malaysia. The originator of the idea to bring Chatime Malaysia is a handsome Chinese man and was successful at a young age that is Bryan Loo. Nothing is more important for Bryan beverages other than tea. Bryan is a fan of the drink and it becomes a trigger to Bryan to make his interest as an entrepreneur.

Bryan Loo was born in Perlis, Kedah. Bryan is a graduate from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia as a student of biotech. After graduation, he worked in the bio-tech company as the seller for two years. According to him, being a salesman is not a simple matter. Then, he sold pregnant lady water bag where not all women know about its usefulness. Shame inherent in Bryan but he paid no attention because of her interest in becoming an entrepreneur. Before this, when Bryan  in 7 years old, he sold his drawing comic books at RM 0.50. His interest as an entrepreneur can be seen from his young age. He married with Sally Quah and she is the Financial Controller for Chatime.

He travelled to Taiwan with his father and approached five companies with an offer to bring their brand to Malaysia but all rejected his offer. His cousin, who had just returned from Taiwan, later told Bryan Loo that Chatime was looking to expand. He contacted them and its CEO flew to Malaysia to meet him within 24 hours. Following the meeting, he was given the master franchise for Malaysia. Now, Chatime is currently the fastest growing beverage brand in Malaysia, and Loo leads the fastest growing Chatime franchise in the ASEAN region, opening 100 outlets in three years.

Loo was the winner of the Best Master Franchiser award in 2012, and was named "Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year" at the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards in 2013. Loo has been through many challenges before it. The most challenge is when he wants to open an outlet in the Pavilion shopping mall. This is so because the administration Pavilion is unsure of the products sold. In addition, the public is not exposed to beverages sourced from tea. Loo convinces the administration to say that 100% of these drinks are from tea and no artificial colouring is placed in the drink besides there are varieties of tea drinks sold out. The assurance of high attitude in Loo makes he has managed to open a branch in the Pavilion and other branches throughout Malaysia.

In beverage sales, while Loo has one branch, he has got to sell 100 cups a day within one month. Within three months, he has got to sell 400 cups a day of each month, but the accumulative losses that he got is over RM 10,000. After Loo has opened a second branch, the demands and popularity of Chatime bubble tea for have increased where he can sell 1,000 cups a day every month. From Bryan Loo, every entrepreneur has through many difficulties before success. For Bryan Loo, he manages to overcome the obstacles because his interest is greater than the challenges and difficulties that he had faces. 


9. Proactive

Proactive can describe a person who gets things done. If you are proactive, you make things happen, instead of waiting for them to happen to you. Active means "doing something." The prefix pro- means "before." 

Proactive entrepreneurs will act more aggressively in all behaviour and actions in the business world. Entrepreneur should be proactive in business. He needs to find feedback from his customers and not wait for customers to make a complaint. In addition, if there are complaints and complaints be customers about products or services offered, the entrepreneur should not irritability but instead of an open and receive the complaint positively. 

For example, the founder of Floral Mask Dian Legacy Sdn Bhd, Nurul Diana Binti Mohd Pudzi. Prior to her emergence as a successful entrepreneur, she is dealing with the selling of cosmetic products belonging to other people for 3 years. When she felt confident with the experience of 3 years in business online, she moved to sell its own brand of cosmetics. 

However, weakens the assurance when she received no response from the public. Advice from her own brother, she presented herself to the seminar Dr. Azizan Osman. Now, she was able to smile with pride when her product gets the higher demand in the market. Nurul very actives in promoting her product. She always has to take stock (long or short), take stock image, constantly updated, check e-mail and order, packs the goods and write track numbers (the most demanding) and postal items. Online business is not an easy business, but it also requires a lot of time.


8. Team Oriented

They must at least share any characteristic for them to stay in the team. If not, what is the purpose of making a team if we are looking at different goals. The team can only be called as a team once each other try their best to be a part of their team. This is because a team like Naresh Jain (2009) claims which are the team members helping each other realize their true potential can only be achieved once everyone in their trying their best. 

Based on this information and definitions, we can say that team oriented is a definition when a person create his or her team, the person will be focusing on how makes a team working to achieve the same goals. The person will tend to do a lot of tasks in a team to promote good relationship and a better working environment. This kind of person can best be seen from the CEO of Warby Parker, Neil Blumenthal, who has been creating a great working environment that making employees happy and motivated to work in his company.

Warby Parker is a company who has been making and selling prescription glasses online since 2010. It designs its own glasses, and sells directly to customers, cutting out the middleman and keeping prices low. Company culture at Warby Parker instigates “culture crushes,” and one reason for that level of success is a team dedicated to culture. That team means that a positive culture is at the forefront, setting up fun lunches, events and programs. The company makes sure that there is always an upcoming event so the entire team has something to look forward to, and it uses methods to make sure the entire team works well together by insisting everyone helps keep break areas clean or sending random employees out to lunch together.


7. Outcome Oriented

Outcome oriented means the entrepreneur that focus to results and impact. Entrepreneur will open a business to obtain lucrative profit. In fact, the entrepreneur will try to get the constantly outcome by develop their business. Therefore, entrepreneurs will market their business abroad. In addition, the entrepreneur will strive to produce new goods. The main goal of outcome oriented entrepreneur is to meet objectives and realize positive growth. Successful entrepreneurs are always looking forward. They see what opportunities may present them in the future and how to take advantage of opportunities.

In addition, the entrepreneur always finds a way to do something with a lower cost or with shorter time. And always concerned about the arrangement costs and profit from a renewal, variation or any act and using information on business or management method to increase efficiency and business.

For example, the attitude of see and grab the outcome of Tan Sri Nasaruddin can be seen when he bought 20 AP (import permit) 35 to Japan, where he spent three months and bring back the first 20 units of used Japanese cars sold are all within three months. He started a business automobile in a shop in Taman Maluri and sells 10 to 15 units of cars per month. In 1979, he opened a branch in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur for his retail business and sells 40 to 60 cars per month. Through his experience, he is capable in the expanding market. This competency gives a main factor in the success and endurance of one enterprise and extends the life of the long-lasting business.


6. Open Culture

Culture is defined as the assumptions and beliefs that are carried out jointly by the members of an organization. Assumptions and beliefs concern the views relating to the world, the scope, the nature of man and human relations (Amir Lufni, 2013). Open culture means that someone that can accept the other culture. In the other words, the successful entrepreneurs willing to receive knowledge or information and share the information to the other party (Alexander, 2011). 

Entrepreneur needs to understand and know the other culture to avoid the misunderstanding about the certain things such as the culture of their work. For example, the culture of work in Japan very differences from Malaysia.  The man that back home early is determined as lazy. The concept of open culture also explained that they have free to give and accepts of the new idea, share the information with others, able to make decision making and courageous taking the risk. Now, entrepreneurs should practices the open culture in their business so that their product will be accepted by peoples around the world. 

The example entrepreneur of open culture is Neeta Gosalia (GD.Com, 2011), the owner of the Neeta’s Herbal (M) Sdn.Bhd. she is the one that introduced the herbal hair products and skin care treatment. Before the successful of her business, people not awareness about the herbal hair products and because of that her business almost closed. But, after she entered the reality shows, Nona at TV3, the Neeta’s Herbal products have high demands from people and she realizes the important of market strategy to expand her business. Now, she has 23 branches in Malaysia and 10 branches in overseas. With the open culture that she has been practices, now she opens the new branches in United Kingdom and United States.  


5.    Failure is an Option

Failure is a must for each successful entrepreneur in this world. Failure is an option for an entrepreneur because it depends on them to choose the right path in leading their business. An entrepreneur must to be rational when doing a decision. Every decision made in a business will lead the business either towards success or failed.

For Steve Jobs, he already faced so many failures in his life. For him, to become a successful entrepreneur, failure is a must before he can be successful like nowadays. Steve Jobs is an entrepreneur that creates the Apple products. “The penalty for failing here, for going and trying to start a company in this Valley is non-existent. There really isn’t the penalty for failure either psychologically or economically in the sense that, if you have a good idea and you go out to start your own company, even if you fail, you’re generally considered worth more to the company you left because you’ve gained all this valuable experience, in many disciplines.”– Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs failure is in 1985, after Apple discontinued its poorly selling Lisa computer and faced flagging Macintosh sales, Jobs was ousted from his position as head of the company’s Macintosh division. The decision came from the board of directors and CEO John Sculley, whom Jobs himself had selected for the position in 1983. Before the year’s end, Jobs would leave Apple to found a new company, neXT. By 1997, Jobs was back to Apple, but the company’s stock hovered around $4 a share, according to the New York Times. So, to put that into perspective, Apple stock currently sits above $390 per share. Then, Steve Jobs quickly cemented his position and, by 2000, he was officially given the title of CEO in Apple’s company.


4.    Visionary

Visionary means someone who can virtualizes the future and also can be said as supernatural. By extension, a visionary can also be a person with a clear, distinctive, and specific (in some details) vision of the future, usually connects with advances in technology or social/political arrangements (Anon, 2015). As the successful entrepreneur, they have special characteristics that include openness, imaginations, persistence and conviction. 
A successful entrepreneur has a short term and long term vision. According to Osman (2007), an entrepreneur can make predictions about the practice, opportunities and threats that exist in the organization and its business. Entrepreneurs who have the high attitudes of vision able to see the future based on existing opportunities and are able to produce something new. They never looking backward and more focus for the future. The successful entrepreneur has bright vision that they want to achieve based on the objectives and goals. 
This attitude of visionary can be seen as Tan Sri Dato’ Loh Boon Siew (Johari, 2016) where he was the person that responsible for bringing Honda motorcycles in Malaysia. This is so because he has high vision that Honda will be well received in Malaysia in the future although it not at the first. Not only that, he also the person that who create the first Honda motorcycle factory in Malaysia, namely Boon Siew Assembly Plant owned by Boon Siew Sdn Bhd at Industrial Estate, Penang. This factory can reduced the production costs and increase the sales when the production of the motorcycle made in Malaysia. With the high vision, he has been particularly successful in the field of motoring.